jet1-600x400The Aerion Supersonic Business Jet.

Nevada-based Aerion Corporation is championing the comeback of supersonic air travel in the form of a new executive jet.

The company says it has already received $US4 billion in orders for the Aerion Supersonic Business Jet, which it expects to be launched in 2014.

At its top speed, the company says the jet will shave about three hours off the flight time between Paris and New York.

In theory, you could take-off from Paris at 8am and touch down in New York in time for a breakfast meeting.

Cessna is also building a jet called the Cessna Citation X. It is claimed to be the fastest civilian aircraft in the sky, cruising just shy of the sound barrier at Mach .92.

The Aerion Supersonic Business Jet

Cost: Starting from $US80 million, depending on the fitout

Maximum speed: Mach 1.8, (1030 knots / 1909 km/h)

Cruising speed: Mach 1.7 (966 knots / 1790 km/h)

Paris-New York: 4:14 hours

Seating: 12 passengers ( a 50-seat version is in the works)

Crew: 2

Expected launch date: 2014